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Why Choose RZ Realty?

Rental Management Solutions for Property Owners

If you are looking for freedom from the day-to-day stresses of managing your rental property or are planning to rent your home for the first time, you have found the best source for information and help. Whether this is your first or fiftieth, we provide property management services to property owners and investors just like you.

RZ Realty’s goal is to provide you with professional help and advice to make renting your property easy and profitable and allow you the freedom to live your life without the cloud of your rental property hanging over your head.

Through our own first-hand experience with other Columbus-based property management companies, we realize the need for property management that focuses on providing a high level of service to both the property owner and tenant while maximizing the profitability of the property.

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Nothing is more frustrating than being distracted by a request for repairs from a tenant while you are on vacation, or at work in the middle of the afternoon!! Knowing that someone is there to receive the call and address the issue efficiently and quickly gives me peace of mind. I can pretend to be a landlord while Boundless Management does it all; market the property, select a tenant, collect the rent, maintain the property if needed, and deal with any issues as they arise. Who said being a landlord was difficult? It ain’t if you got a little help?!! ? Thanks for all you do!!

What you will get when you choose RZ Realty for Your Property Management

Up-Front Analysis (5)

RZ Realty Property Management’s staff will work with you to determine the best rental amount to maximize your income while minimizing vacancies. Our property managers are familiar with the Columbus rental market and will work with you to get your rental property leased quickly. If repairs are needed, we can handle getting our handymen and contractors on-site to complete the work.


You no longer need to spend your time photographing the house and uploading the information to different websites. We will place your rental property in our successful marketing system designed to get the maximum number of viewers. We photograph and describe your home to attract the tenants most likely to be interested in your rental home. The advertising is included on our website as well as numerous other rental-specific websites where it will reach the largest audience. Many property management companies add on advertising fees, but with RZ Realty Property Management, there is no additional charge.


Rather than you having to drop everything to go show your property, your rental property will be shown personally by one of our on-staff licensed real estate agents. We will not allow the prospective tenant to self-show your house and every effort will be made to keep the property looking great throughout the showing period. No one will have access to your home other than our leasing agents and property management staff.

Tenant Screening
“They seem like nice folks” doesn’t cut it. We review credit, criminal history, and eviction history. We even go as far as to verify income and employment, as well as previous rental history so you can rest assured that your property is being rented by a qualified tenant who will take care of your asset and pay rent on time. We will advise you of the pros and cons of each applicant and keep you compliant with Equal Housing Opportunity Laws.
Lease Signing
Relax. You don’t ever have to meet your tenant. Our leasing agent will meet with the tenant to sign our lease. Our rental agreement has been developed over time to protect everyone’s interest in the home. Click here for a sample of our current lease agreement.
Collection of rent
No more going by the house to collect the rent. No checking the mail or logging into your bank account to see if the rental payment has been made. Your property manager will take care of that. RZ Realty gives tenants a variety of ways to make their monthly rent payments. Tenants can even sign up for automatic payments from their checking accounts. Security deposits and rental payments are placed into an escrow account and reconciled monthly.
Repairs and Maintenance
Repairs and Maintenance
When something goes wrong in your rental property, there’s no need to rearrange your schedule to make repairs yourself or to coordinate between tenant and contractor. When RZ Realty is your property manager, we will receive the call from the tenant and take care of it all for you. Your property manager will even follow up with the tenant to make sure they are happy.
Inspections and Notices
No need to fly back into town to take a look at your property. We will keep a watchful eye over it. We inspect on a regular basis to ensure that the tenant is caring for the rental home. You will receive a report with photos of the condition of your rental property. In addition, any notices that are necessary to the tenant will be made and documented in the tenant’s history. This includes balance due notices, Pay Rent or 3-day notices, property condition notices, and any other notice that may be needed.
Record Keeping (1)

Cancel the Quickbooks subscription! We maintain a file for the tenant with records of rental payments, leases and notices, inspections, repair requests and their resolution, and receipts for work done. You will receive a monthly statement showing income and expense and an annual statement for your rental property along with a 1099 for tax purposes. You will also be able to view your online account via your online portal that is accessible 24/7…anywhere, anytime.

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